Mercury API $50.00

Version Support
Magento CE 1.4.1 - Magento CE 1.8 
Magento EE/PE 1.10-1.13 (MySQL drivers)

V2, WSI, and full EE support coming soon.

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Pulse Storm's new Mercury API extension is the missing link for Magento's XML-RPC, SOAP, and new REST API. 

With Mercury API you'll be able to

  • Improve SOAP performance via WSDL caching

  • Programmatically create configurable product sets

  • Programmatically control price modifiers for configurable products

  • Paginate API list methods

  • Fetch arbitrary collection data

We want to make Mercury API a clearing house for all the missing API features Magento/eBay can't provide. If you've ever had a pet feature of API gripe let us know, we're collecting the most popular requests and will be rolling out new features over the next coming month.  The best part?  All updates to the 1.x product version are free for registered users.

Get your copy today and start working with the Magento API instead of against it!