Commerce Bug 2 $49.95

Supports all Magento Versions
Community Edition 1.3x - 1.9x
Enterprise Edition 1.6x - 1.14x
Professional Edition 1.9x - 1.10x

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Commerce Bug 2 is the must have upgrade to Pulse Storm's development and debugging extension for the Magento platform. Commerce Bug will help any Developer, designer, or IT professional programming and configuring the Magento Ecommerce system.

At a cost that’s a fraction of a billable hour, Commerce Bug provides vital information about the system for each page/request that will save you hours every day. You’ll have instant access to

- The request’s controller and action name

- Each instantiated Model

- A list of each Block and phtml template pair

- The file system path for each identified class

- All layout handles in use on a particular page

- Events and observers

- Grouped class name look-up

- Cache clearing, Template Path Hints, Log Enabling

- Manual in HTML, ePub, and MOBI format

Don’t believe us? Watch the screencast below or checkout the live demo to get a feel for the full power of this must have extension.

Purchase of a license grants the owner upgrade rights for the entire 2.x series.  Commerce Bug is licensed per-developer, not per site.  That means you can buy it once and use it on all your projects. 

If you've got more than 25 full time developers and are interested in a site license get in touch and we can work something out.

Commerce Bug 1 Upgrades

Users who purchased Commerce Bug 1 on or after September 15, 2012 are eligible for a **free** upgrade to Commerce Bug 2.  Simply follow the URL in your original purchase email and click the Commerce Bug 2 link.
Users who purchased Commerce Bug before September 15th, 2012 are eligible for at 40% upgrade discount. Simply follow the URL in your original purchase email to receive your upgrade promo code. 
Google Checkout/Wallet UK Customers: Unfortunately, Google Checkout UK does not support discount codes at this time.  If possible, please use PayPal or the standard Proceed To Checkout link to make your upgrade purchase.  If this is not possible, please contact support with your coupon code and we'll provide you with a work around.
If you never received a link via email just let us know and we'll get you what you need to start enjoying Commerce Bug 2.

Commerce Bug 2
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